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flag of marshall islands Map of Marshall Islands

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) is located in the Micronesia region north of Nauru and Kiribati in the North Pacific Ocean. It comprises five islands and 29 atolls and has a population of 55,000. RMI’s capital is Majuro.

Articles V, VII and VIII of the Constitution establish the broad legal parameters for the executive branch, the public service, and for public financial management.  the key public laws pertaining to the public service and public financial management include all laws under Title 11 of the Marshall Islands Revised Code, in particular the Financial Management Act, and the Public Service Commission Act.

The public service consists of nine major ministries and a number of public agencies.  The ministries are: Finance, Education, Health, Foreign Affairs, Internal Affairs, Justice, Resources and Development, Public Works, and Transportation and Communication.  The majority of governmental functions and services are provided by the national government.

The Constitution bestows civil service management responsibilities upon the Public Service Commission and the Chief Secretary who serves as the head of the public service and who is a member of the Cabinet.

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