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Symposium on Asset Management: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities for Pacific Island Countries

Symposium on Asset Management: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities for Pacific Island Countries

The Pacific Island Centre for Public Administration (PICPA) is organising a Symposium on Public Financial Management, focussing on issues, challenges and opportunities on the subject of Asset Management in Nadi, from 30 – 31st May, 2016.

Mr Parmesh Chand, Director of PICPA said that there are enormous possibilities for improved management and maintenance of public sector assets in the Pacific Island Countries (PICs).  He said there are direct linkages between effective asset management and good public service delivery since such assets are used by ordinary members of the public on a daily basis, be it a public school, government buildings, a public hospital, shipping jetty or a road.  The Symposium will be attended by Senior Government Officials involved in asset management in the 14 PICs serviced by PICPA.

Mr Chand said that the programme for the Symposium has been designed to be informative and practical.  There will be presentations and interactive workshop sessions to allow for sharing of information and ideas on this important subject in the context of the PICs.

PICPA is a specialist centre which responds to the identified needs and plans of PICs for strengthened public administration, to enable improved service delivery and faster economic growth. The Centre is headed by a Director who is assisted by two Advisors, a Programme Manager and three support staff.

Funded by the Government of Australia, PICPA is perfectly positioned within USP to network and utilise the resource capabilities of the University for training and capacity development in project preparations, monitoring and evaluation, public finance management, procurement, governance and leadership development, among others.


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Parmesh Chand

Director, Pacific Islands Centre for Public Administration



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