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Public Service Commissioners to Meet in Palau

Chairpersons and Heads of Public Service Commissions from the 14 Pacific Island Countries (PICs) will meet in Palau from 2nd – 4th August, 2016, for their annual Pacific Public Service Commissioners’ Conference (PPSCC).  The event is organised by the USP based Pacific Island Centre for Public Administration (PICPA) in close collaboration respectively with the Chairpersons of the previous and current years’ Conference.


Mr Parmesh Chand, Director of PICPA said that the previous Conference was organised in Niue, with Chairman of the Niue Public Service Commission as the Chair.  This year is the 13th Conference of PPSCC and is being held in Palau, with the Chair provided by the host Country.

The PPSCC is a cross jurisdictional forum for Public Service Commissioners from the PICs to come together to discuss public service issues, share experiences and ideas and identify initiatives, strategies and actions to improve public administration amongst the member countries as well as the Region.  In addition to the 14 PICs, Australia and New Zealand attend the Conference as full members, also providing technical and financial support for organising the event. Timor Leste also attends the conference as Observers.

Mr Chand said that this years’ Conference is particularly important as the participants will inter alia get to discuss and map out a way forward on the future focus and direction of the Conference.  This is based on a Review of the Conference, following a resolution as such emanating at last year’s Conference.

Mr Chand noted with appreciation the excellent support and logistical arrangements being put in place by the Government of Palau as the host.  He said the Conference participants will also have the opportunity to hear from several of the hosts’ visionary leaders on strategic management of scarce resources in a tourist driven economy.  In addition, the participants will go on field visits to see the preserved beauty of Palau achieved through well initiated and sustained nature conservation practices; and, visit the peaceful and pristine island of Peleliu which is known for the bloodiest war scene in the Pacific during World War II.

PICPA is a specialist centre which responds to the identified needs and plans of Pacific Island Countries (PICs) for strengthened public administration to enable improved service delivery and faster economic growth.  The Centre is headed by a Director, with two Advisors, a Programme Manager and three support staff.  It is perfectly positioned within the University of the South Pacific (USP) to network and utilise the resource capabilities of the University for training and capacity building in project preparations, monitoring and evaluation, public finance management procurement, governance and leadership development etc.  The Centre is funded by the Government of Australia.

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