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PICPA To Assist Review Tonga PSC Performance Management System (PMS)

The Pacific Island Centre for Public Administration (PICPA) is working with the Government of Tonga to review its Performance Management System (PMS) as part of the country’s drive to have an efficient and effective Civil Service.  According to Dr. Lia Maka, Chief Executive Officer of Public Service Commission in Tonga, a Performance Management System (PMS) for the Tongan Public Service will be formally rolled out as of 1st July 2016   Significant ground work has been progressed to roll out PMS initiatives from Level 2 to 14 of the Public Service since 2011 when it was formally approved by the Tongan PSC.  However, this Performance Management System does not include the Chief Executive Officers who are placed at Level 1.

She said Tongan Government has directed full PMS implementation across the Tongan Public Service by 1 July, 2016 to align with a new Remuneration Structure.  This will see the Tongan Public Service transition to a performance based Public Service.  Currently, the Tongan PSC is working closely with line Ministries counterparts to ensure that they will be ready to meet the 01 July, 2016 implementation date and this is under a new performance development framework that incorporates the existing PMS tools and covers the performance management of Chief Executive Officers.

Dr Maka is immensely grateful to the partnership with PICPA over the years in terms of upskilling public servants in areas of skills gaps; and for the assistance which PICPA provides towards the review of the PMS.  She said that it is important to revisit the earlier work undertaken as part of Civil Service Reforms and map out an implementation plan in line with the decision of Cabinet and new policy directions under the public service reform for a more efficient, responsive, high performing and accountable public service that would contribute to an improved quality of life for all Tongans.

Mr Parmesh Chand, Director of PICPA said that they are pleased with the opportunity to assist Tongan Public Service Commission in this instance.  As a lead up to the Review, it was imperative for PICPA Advisors to visit Tonga, discuss and finalise the Terms of Reference (TOR), work on timeline, review existing work and map out a way forward for engagement of suitable expertise for the review exercise.

PICPA is a specialist centre which responds to the identified needs and plans of Pacific Island Countries (PICs) for strengthened public administration to enable improved service delivery and faster economic growth.  The Centre is headed by a Director, with two Advisors, a Programme Manager and three support staff.  It is perfectly positioned within the University of the South Pacific (USP) to network and utilise the resource capabilities of the University for training and capacity building in project preparations, monitoring and evaluation, public finance management procurement, governance and leadership development etc.  The Centre is funded by the Government of Australia.

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