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PICPA Graduate Programmes Popular

The Graduate Certificate in Public Administration and the Post Graduate Diploma in Public Administration which are offered as on the job education programmes to public servants are increasingly getting popular. Both these Programmes are offered to eligible public servants in the respective Pacific Island Countries by the Pacific Islands Centre for Public Administration (PICPA) in collaboration with the Faculty for Business and Economics of University of the South Pacific.

Mr Parmesh Chand, Director of PICPA said that the Courses are taught in-country in the respective PICs, aimed at improving the Management Capacity of Pacific Island civil servants. They provide an understanding of governance and public sector management concepts in relation to their practical application in the Pacific. PICPA sponsors the teaching of the two in-service Programmes based on identified needs and formal requests from respective PICS.

As part of the Graduate Certificate in Public Administration Programme, the eligible civil servants take two Courses out of three on offer viz MG451 (Governance & Public Sector Management), MG 452 (Public Service Delivery and Human Resource Management) or MG 453 (Public Policy Analysis and Public Sector Leadership).

The Post Graduate Diploma is the second step in the accredited postgraduate courses for regional Government staff development programmes. It consists of a four unit Diploma, including the two Unit Graduate Certificate and two additional courses drawn from Management courses under the School of Management.

Mr Chand said that both the Programmes have proved to be increasingly popular amongst public servants in the PICs. Since the offer started about five years ago, there have been more than 100 public servants from across the Region who have benefitted from these Programmes. This year, Solomon Islands, Cook Islands, Tonga and Tuvalu will see their public servants trained to benefit from these Programmes.

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