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Leadership Development Regional Priority

The Pacific Island Centre for Public Administration (PICPA) based at USP, Suva, has identified Leadership Development an area of priority as part of work activities to be pursued to improve public service delivery in the Pacific Islands.

    The Centre has accordingly been providing higher-level strategic advice and training in this important area.  One such activity was a two-day Leadership Development Seminar for Senior Level Government Officials in Kiribati, convened by Professor Franco Gandolfi, the Dean of Faculty of Business and Economics of the University of the South Pacific.

    Professor Gandolfi on conclusion of the workshop said that the excellent turnout and intense participation of the Officials clearly demonstrated that Leadership Development is an important area of capacity building.  He said that those who participated in the two-day Programme were largely in Senior Level positions in the public service and as such, they needed to be exposed to principles of effective leadership such as setting and defining mission and vision statements, strategic thinking, team building, succession planning, managerial accountability, good governance, and public relations.

    The Leadership Development Seminar was sponsored by PICPA, which is a Centre within USP funded by the Government of Australia to respond to Pacific Island Countries identified needs and plans for strengthened public administration, to enable improved service delivery to their people, and to foster economic growth.  It is led by Mr Parmesh Chand, as Director, who was formerly the Permanent Secretary in the Fijian Civil Service.

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