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Fijian Public Servants Upskill in Public Administration

A cohort of 23 Fijian Public Servants will soon graduate with the Post Graduate Certificate in Public Administration (PGCPA) under the sponsorship of the Pacific Islands Centre for Public Administration (PICPA) through flexi school arrangements.  They will join the ranks of the 93 other Public Servants in the Cook Islands, Solomon Islands and Tuvalu who met the requirements this year for this qualification through in-country attendance of courses in  public policy analysis and public sector leadership, and public sector governance.

Mr Josefo S. Navuku, Chief Economic Planning Officer in the Office of the Prime Minister of Fiji expressed his thanks to PICPA and says that the PGCPA “complements the learning aspirations of public officials through the application and reintroduction of key fundamentals relating to Policy Analysis, Public Sector Management and Governance.  A timely and refreshing initiative!”

His comments are endorsed by those of his fellow classmates. Ms Pranishma Kumar, Senior Economic Planning Officer at the Ministry of Fisheries also expressed appreciation on behalf of the Fiji cohort for the opportunity to upgrade their qualifications with a Post Graduate Certificate in Public Administration under the sponsorship of PICPA.  Ms Kumar said, “Having completed MG453 Public Policy Analysis & Leadership, and half way through MG 451 Public Sector Management and Governance, I find that the program is highly applicable to the civil service at large and beneficial to me in my capacity as an economic planning officer in delivering my duties more diligently and being able to make decisions using self-awareness knowledge.  In terms of capacity building, the Fiji cohort now have a better understanding on how to conduct systematic analysis of policy for advice and decision, including considerations of implementation and evaluation. Each one of us have expanded our knowledge on how to formulate and present the analysis in various formats to assist in the decision making process. We can now apply the concepts and practices of public management and governance in our capacity as public officials. The program format is very interesting and interactive, designed in such a way that all participants can discuss on the emerging issues, concepts and practices in public management in light of Fiji’s context.”

Mr Parmesh Chand, Director of PICPA said that the programme is part of a broader regional work programme that supports the strengthening of public service administrations across the Pacific.  The courses are delivered in country after work hours under the sponsorship of PICPA.  He said that it was thoroughly rewarding for PICPA to offer such training to the Fiji cohort as a group of highly motivated public servants came forward to undertake the Programme on a committed and dedicated basis after working hours.

PICPA is a specialist centre which responds to the identified needs and plans of Pacific Island Countries (PICs) for strengthened public administration to enable improved service delivery and faster economic growth.  The Centre is headed by a Director, with two Advisors, a Programme Manager and three support staff.  It is perfectly positioned within the University of the South Pacific (USP) to network and utilise the resource capabilities of the University for training and capacity building in project preparations, monitoring and evaluation, public finance management procurement, governance and leadership development etc.  The Centre is funded by the Government of Australia.

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