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Better Monitoring and Evaluation for PICPA

In an effort to better gauge the impact and results of its project activities and interventions, the Pacific Island Centre for Public Administration (PICPA) has embarked onto preparing a comprehensive monitoring and evaluation framework and template.  Mr Parmesh Chand, Director for PICPA said that in line with international best practices, PICPA has moved away from output based reporting to outcomes and impact and results based analysis and reporting.  Mr Chand said that this is also in line with reporting requirements of donors and other stakeholders.

PICPA has engaged technical expertise to prepare a robust framework and template.  The Consultants engaged for this project will trial test the prepared framework and template using data from PICPA projects implemented in Samoa and Vanuatu.

Mr Chand said that PICPA, same as other Agencies using donor funds has to be fully accountable to the resources it is provided, ensuring there is desired impact and results and better value for money for each dollar spent.

PICPA is a specialist centre which responds to the identified needs and plans of Pacific Island Countries (PICs) for strengthened public administration to enable improved service delivery and faster economic growth.  The Centre is headed by a Director, with two Advisors, a Programme Manager and three support staff.  It is perfectly positioned within the University of the South Pacific (USP) to network and utilise the resource capabilities of the University for training and capacity building in project preparations, monitoring and evaluation, public finance management, procurement, governance and leadership development etc.  The Centre is funded by the Government of Australia.

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